My mom woke up on a Saturday morning to the scariest experience of seeing brown cloudy vision in her eye. She thought she was going blind. She immediately called Dr. Wallace‘s office and told them what was going on with her eye. We were told to come in right away. Within 10 minutes of arriving at his office he examined her eyes and she was rest assured that she was not going blind but was suffering from extremely dry eyes. He gave her samples of medicine to use and did not even charge her for the visit. I cannot express enough appreciation for his caring, compassion and accommodation of one of his patients. He is the best eye doctor in the spring area.

Ayisat A.
DR. Wallace and his staff are warm and welcoming. He has a great selection to choose from, you never feel rushed when selecting your eye wear. My husband and I live in Katy and drive all the way to Spring just to see DR Wallace. I would definitely recommend him!
Sam-Brent C.
My husband and I along with our two teenage sons have been a patients of Dr. Wallace at Spring Eye Associates for 3 years. Dr. Wallace is very knowledgeable and takes necessary time with his patients. The office uses great new technology across the board, which proves to be detailed, fast and it makes it easier on the patients. I always look forward to my yearly exam while being greeted by superb front office assistants in a modern office setting. I highly recommend Dr. Wallace because he is knowledgeable concerning different eye diseases such as diabetes and how it can affect the eyes and vision. He is friendly, easy to talk with and has a real passion for his patients and profession.
Felicia K.